Bicycle + GPS = Valentine’s Day card

The chorus of the old Madonna song “Into the Groove” says:

Get into the groove.
Boy you’ve got to prove your love to me,

Payam Rajabi, of San Francisco does a lot of bike riding, and also has a fascination with maps.  He decided that this year he was going to prove his love for his girlfriend by tracing out a 27-mile route around San Francisco and capture the image of his route using GPS.  When he was done, he had the following:

All the details of the story can be found here.

In other picture-drawing news, Boeing did a test flight of their  787 Dreamliner airliner earlier this month and drew the numbers “787” followed by an outline of the company logo in the skies over North America.  There was no visible trail to see, but the graphic below shows the flight path they took as part of the stress testing of the airliner.  All in all, the plane flew about 9,000 nautical miles during the exercise.

"787" and the Boeing logo

I guess the novelty of Microsoft Paint has worn off over the years, and people just have to up the ante.

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